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Thank you!

Design Foundation celebrated its 21th anniversary in 2022, and thanks to the generosity of individual and corporate donors we are excited about the impact we are having within the community, and the impact we will continue to have in the future by creating meaningful opportunities for the next generation of industrial designers. 

We also want to thank Design Foundation’s Board of Trustees: Board President Dee Dunn, IDSA, Vice-President Maureen Carroll, IDSA, Secretary/Treasurer Qin Li, IDSA, and Trustees Michelle Berryman, FIDSA, and Verena Paepcke-Hjeltness, IDSA. Your leadership and commitment make the path to achieving our goals possible, from introducing industrial design to more students in grades K-12 through college to embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion in all we do.

After repositioning in 2020, Design Foundation has grown stronger and more dedicated than ever to increasing access to industrial design education, resources, and opportunities. 

2022 Highlights

DF 2022 Recipients.jpg

Thanks to your generous donations over the past few years since Design Foundation rebranded, we were able to raise our scholarship amount to $5,000 in 2022.


We received a record # of undergraduate and graduate applications, 71 in all.


Design Foundation awarded two $5,000 scholarships in 2022. These scholarships help students at the earliest stages of their design careers by providing much needed financial support. 

Congratulations to the 2022 Undergraduate recipient Zeyu Tian from University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (left) and 2022 Gianninoto Graduate recipient Jaehyeok (Jacob) Lee from Pratt Institute (right).

DEI Event Access Program

Now in its third year, and as part of our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, our DEI Event Access program continues to make a difference. This program offers underrepresented and economically disadvantaged individuals complimentary registration to IDSA events.


In 2022, 41 individuals received complimentary registration to conferences hosted by IDSA, including the International Design Conference and three Deep Dives: Women in Design, Sustainable Leadership and ID Technique.

Additional Details:

  • 18 recipients identified as BIPOC (44%)

  • 29 recipients identified as female-identified/non-binary (71%)

  • 10 recipients identified as LGBTQ+ (24%)

  • 1 recipients identified as living with a physical or cognitive disability (2%

  • 6 recipients identified as neurodiverse (15%)

  • 6 recipients identified as part of another under-represented or marginalized group (15%)


We are so thankful to everyone who has donated to Design Foundation in 2022. Your generosity speaks volumes about what you value in Design Foundation’s programs and mission, both now and for the future.

2022 Fundraising Stats

  • $13,000 raised

  • 93 unique donors (individuals and companies combined)

  • Average donation amount was $123

  • 70% of donations came from IDSA members

  • 30% of donations came from non-IDSA members

  • 7% of donors were companies

Design Foundation's Impact

"The Design Foundation Gianninoto scholarship gave me incredibly valuable recognition that encourages me to be confident about my design voice. It sparked a deep desire within me to share my vision through design and continue developing pieces that connect with people and make them notice and question their behavior."
- Pedro Villar, ArtCenter College of Design
Pedro Villar - Headshot-POST.jpg
Seunghark Cho - Headshot-POST.jpg
"The scholarship really helped me reduce the burden of high tuition. It also made me recognized by various design studios. In fact, I am currently talking to a few companies for potential internships and even full-time positions."
- Seunghark Cho, ArtCenter College of Design
"LIXIL Global Design is pleased to support the Design Foundation annual drive. We are committed to supporting the education and training of an inclusive and diverse future generation of designers.”
- Jean-Jacques L’henaff, IDSA, LIXIL
Jean-Jacques L'Henaff - Headshot.jpeg
Dan Harden.jpg
"Gifting to design education is not only good for the future of our profession, but it gives promising young talent a chance to flourish and take flight.”
- Dan Harden, IDSA, Whipsaw
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