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Event Access - Bringing Designers Together

As part of our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, we launched our Event Access program in 2020. Event Access offers individuals (design students at colleges or universities) who are underrepresented in industrial design—primarily BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), female-identified, non-binary, LGBTQ+, neurodiverse and students with physical or cognitive disabilities—complimentary access in the form of free admission to events produced by the Industrial Designers Society of America.

This program helps provide professional development and personal networking opportunities for young designers who otherwise wouldn't have the resources to attend these kind of industry events. Event Access enables Design Foundation to be a catalyst in dismantling long-standing inequities and transforming the industrial design industry from within so that it better reflects the diversity of our community and world.

Funding comes from the generosity of our community. When an attendees purchase a ticket for an IDSA event, they have the option to also donate to the Design Foundation. These funds are combined with donations to the Design Foundation's General Fund to support the Event Access program. In the two years Event Access has been offered, over 100 individuals have been able to participate in IDSA events. You can support this program by making a donation here.

2024 Application Deadlines


Designing with AI Deep Dive - Friday, February 23

(recipients notified Friday, March 1)

Women in Design Deep Dive - Friday, April 12

(recipients notified Friday, April 19)

International Design Conference & Education Symposium - Friday, August 9

(recipients notified Friday, August 16)

Circular Design Deep Dive - Friday, September 27

(recipients notified Friday, October 4)

2024 Application Form
How do you identify? Check all that apply.
Which event(s) would you like to attend? Check all that apply.
What area of design are you studying?

Thanks for submitting! Check your email for additional information.


How it Works



Design Foundation partners with the Industrial Designers Society of America, which produces several large-scale, ticketed design events throughout the year.


These events highlight the latest trends, practice methodologies, and impact of industrial design.

For 2024, a total of 10 (virtual attendee) tickets will be available for each event listed.


Students currently enrolled in a college or university in the United States, studying industrial design or a related discipline, may apply anytime throughout the year.

You may apply to attend multiple events, however only one ticket per year is granted per applicant.


Complimentary registration to an upcoming IDSA event is selected on a first come, first served basis.


"I attended the IDSA Design Research Deep Dive in 2023, which allowed me to explore research and gain valuable insights. It fueled my passion for research and inspired me to continue pursuing it in my career."
- Palak Gupta, Georgia Tech
POST_Palak Gupta_Headshot.png
POST_Malaya Cansdale_Geadshot.png
"Thanks for putting together this event; I enjoyed it! I gained valuable insights into the many possibilities of design research. (Design Research Deep Dive)"
- Malaya Cansdale, University of Oregon
"Thanks for putting together this event; I enjoyed it! I gained valuable insights into the many possibilities of design research. (Design Research Deep Dive)"
- Saloni Bedi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
POST_Saloni Bedi_headshot.png
POST_Nicole Yen_Headshot.png
"Virtually attending the 2023 International Design Conference & IDSA Education Symposium allowed me to learn about current design trends and processes and encouraged me to think about the future of design and my role as an upcoming designer in this industry."
- Nicole Yen, Pratt Institute
"It was so amazing to be able to attend the IDSA Entrepreneurship Deep Dive and hear from so many dynamic industry participants shaping the world we live in. I can't thank the IDSA Design Foundation enough for enabling my attendance! I learned so much and am excited to apply what I've learned to future endeavors."
- Esperanza Hurtado, Sheridan College
POST_Esperanza Hurtado_Headshot.png
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