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Damon Ahola

School of Visual Arts
Gianninoto Graduate Scholarship Recipient

Damon Ahola holds a bachelor’s in fine arts in industrial design and a minor in business administration from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. With a passion for innovating and creating though design, his work has crossed over a multitude of industries, including pro audio, medical, packaging and consumer products. He has helped clients, such as Weber, 3M, Shure & Pyrex, define opportunity spaces and solutions. Ahola's portfolio is split between client and self-proposed projects, creating a unique perspective for purposeful design. Previously a senior designer at Radius Product Development in Chicago, he led and collaborated with teams of engineers and other designers to take concepts to market for numerous well-known companies. Ahola is currently a freelance designer in Chicago and will attend the School of Visual Arts’ MFA Products of Design Program in the fall, as an assistantship recipient. Through continued graduate education, he plans to apply this knowledge as a thought leader in the industry. His future endeavors consist of working with forward-thinking design organizations or the creation of a startup to achieve significant impact to society though innovative empathic design.

Selected Projects
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