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Jeff Lin

ArtCenter College of Design
Gianninoto Graduate Scholarship Recipient

Jeff Lin, S/IDSA, is an innovation strategist and designer, pursuing a master’s degree in industrial design at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. He earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Previously, Lin worked as a design researcher at The MEME, where he combined trends research, future forecasting and user experience visualization to help clients such as Samsung develop strategic innovation opportunities. Lin also worked as a consultant for a number of startups in the Boston area—most notably NVBots, where he helped to design a 3D printer to galvanize the traditional classroom setting. Lin’s cross-disciplinary pursuits in design are rounded out by his interests in creating compelling narratives through films and short-form video storytelling. His short documentary Raising Emma was shown in several New England festivals, including the 2013 Boston Asian American Film Festival.

Lin also is interested in the intersection of enterprise and art, technology, narrative and social impact. One of his current side projects is an ongoing video web series documenting his journey through design school.

Selected Projects
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