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Nicole Nassif

Design Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient

From a young age, Nicole has always loved drawing and the act of creating things. She found industrial design during high school and almost immediately became aware that this was the field for her. “I knew I could change the world and make it better through this profession in a way that really touched people, and that’s why I decided to pursue industrial design. I even tabled my Olympic dreams in speed skating to get here, which was a very painful decision but one that I now know was well worth it.”

Nassif is now a senior industrial design student at Wentworth Institute of Technology. She has experience in the automotive, medical device, footwear and apparel, and consumer goods fields from co-ops at Stoneridge, the Wyss Institute at Harvard University, NOBULL Project, and Eleven. She is an advocate for sustainable, purposeful design with a focus on exceptional user experience and storytelling. Before beginning her studies, Nicole was a competitive Irish step dancer for over a decade, an avid mock trial lawyer, and a nationally-ranked short track speed skater.

After graduation, Nassif hopes to inspire other women designers to pursue their passions. “One of my larger, overarching goals is to become a strong female leader and authoritative voice in the field of industrial design and to continue to pave the way for and promote other women. Creating and encouraging a much more inclusive industry is extremely important. I plan on contributing to help the industry as a whole evolve and set a good example.”

Selected Projects
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